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Scatter Rally 2016

The first major UK scatter challenge! Fun for family and friends with a top prize of £10,000 with great runner up prizes! Participants can start anywhere in the UK.

Scatter Rally Information Pack

Simply enter your name and email address to receive the information pack.

Sponsor Information Pack

Pre Registration Form

This is a pre registration form to book your place in the Scatter rally U.K 2016 Event. All information entered now, can be edited prior to taking part in this event to allow any changes in circumstance. This does not guarantee you a place in this event as spaces are limited.

* Indicates required field





Non-members can pre-register their details and pay the deposit of £49.00 to book their place in the 2016 Scatter Rally!

Your final payment of £200.00 must be paid on or before the 1st June 2016.

The total cost for a Non-Member entry fee is: £249.00 per car, there is no extra fee’s for passengers!


Members can pre-register their details and pay the annual membership fee of £99.00. This is currently discounted to £49.00 per year - but only if taken out prior to the scatter rally 2016 event starting!

Members have the benefit of not having to pay a deposit towards their entry fee and have their entry fee reduced to £150.00 per car, there is no extra fees for passengers!

Your entry fee payment of £150.00 must be paid on or before the 1st June 2016.

The total cost for a Member entry fee is: £150.00

Benefits of being a member:
• Priority booking system (Members have priority over Non-Members)
• Regular updates on Scatter Rally event’s
• Free merchandise
• Sponsored member program

Sponsored Member Program
There are lots of benefits of being a member of Scatter Rally U.K. - the main one being the Sponsored Member Program. This works along side our sponsor’s packages. We have lots of sponsors that really love what we are doing and the fact they can get involved too is great news for them!

Once your membership is in place you are added to our list for sponsors, they can then chose to sponsor you to take part in the event!

They do this by paying your entry fee of £150.00, all you do is enter the event as you would normally! However, if you place in the top five places your sponsor will pick up a prize too! Just think of the publicity your sponsor will get if you win!! You will still win your prize and the bonus of not having to pay your entry fee - its a win win for you and your sponsor!

Become a member

Members entry fee

Supporting Sponsor Packages

Please refer back to the sponsors information pack: Bronze, Silver & Gold Packages!

• First email us at: info@mycreativeminds.com to let us know which package you would like to sponsor!
• Then chose the package from the drop down menu and pay through Paypal!
• If you wish to take advantage of the Sponsor a Member Package you can also do this as a separate transaction!
• Don't forget to include your business details in the email and the payment notes!
• If you wish to pay by bank transfer please email for our bank details!

Major Sponsor Package

Please refer back to the sponsor’s information pack:

If you wish to become a major sponsor please email us: info@mycreativeminds.com and we will discuss your requirements and we will set up a payment method for your sponsorship!

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