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    At Creative Minds, our mission is to create original, exciting products that our audience will love!

  • Black Belt Recognition

    Martial artists of all levels are able to register to black belt recognition. Open yourself up to endless opportunities and join the black belt community today.

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  • Thirteen

    Thirteen is a unique game of chance, bluffs and more bluffs! A simple to play card game with its own luxury deck.

  • Black Belt - The game

    Black Belt is a martial arts game being developed for web, iphone and android.

Pre Registration Form

This is a pre registration form to book your place in the Scatter rally U.K 2016 Event. All information entered now, can be edited prior to taking part in this event to allow any changes in circumstance. This does not guarantee you a place in this event as spaces are limited.

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Tickets on sale 22nd Feb

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