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    Martial artists of all levels are able to register to black belt recognition. Open yourself up to endless opportunities and join the black belt community today.

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Black Belt Recognition - Officially launched 15/09/2015

Black Belt Recognition aims to provide an online community for martial artists. Martial artists of all levels are free to register to Black Belt Recognition. Members can become globally certified as a black belt, open themselves up to endless opportunities and join a community of martial artists that share their passion.
• Firstly Black Belt Recognition will be an official place to prove your grade to anyone, instantly. Currently there's no one stop shop where people can go to find black belts or prove their grade. Black Belt Recognition aims to be that place.
• Individuals can be found by anyone in the world with an interest in martial arts, they can be contacted for 1 on 1 sessions or coaching opportunities. Black Belt Recognition can help match up people with the desire to learn with people with the expertise to teach!
• For clubs/gyms Black Belt Recognition could be a great opportunity to grow your business with new members or even find new instructors!
• All members will be able post events/seminars for everyone to see. Helping clubs get a better turnout and making individuals aware of opportunities nearby.

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