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  • Thirteen

    Thirteen is a unique game of chance, bluffs and more bluffs! A simple to play card game with its own luxury deck.


Thirteen is a fast paced card game based on chance, bluffs and more bluffs. You can play in person with our impeccably designed custom cards - or play anyone, anywhere, anytime on our App.

How to play:
• Each player receives one card
• A round of betting ensues with each player betting on the value of their card
• When all players have either folded or all bets are matched participants show their card. The lowest card wins - or does it!
• ...Thirteen beats all
• Additionally, If the losing players cards add up to 13 the game rolls over.
• Finally if two people have the lowest card (or thirteen) the game rolls over too!
• The cards are only shuffled when the shuffle card is dealt

Our Kickstarter campaign
We have launched a Kickstarter campagin to help us create the physical card game as well as the App! If you like the sound of Thirteen We'd love it if you'd check out or campaign and perhaps even back the game yourself. You can receive unique merchandise and limited edition items, exclusive to Kickstarter.

"Limited Edition Gold Deck"

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